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 Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Be the best we can. Join in learning, play and prayer. Remember God's word.

Thamesmead Charter

Bishop John Robinson Primary School is fortunate enough to be part of a wider 'Thamesmead Cluster' of schools which includes; Linton Mead, Discovery, Hawksmoor, St Margaret Clitherow, Windrush, Woolwich Polytechnic and Heronsgate.

Leaders from each school ageed a set of entitlements for all children attending primary school in Thamesmead that are free or of low cost

  • To ensure all children attending a Thamesmead School have a sense of cultural capital
  • To provide all children in Thamesmead with an agreed set of experiences designed to enrich their lives and the curriculum

Each primary school will choose how to provide children with these experiences and will work together and share ideas in order to create a memorable set of experiences at relatively low cost. The Charter is a set of ‘Entitlements’ split into the following headings;

Cultural Entitlement

  • See live theatre
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Watch a movie at the cinema
  • Use a library
  • Perform to an audience
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Explore London
  • Have a piece of artwork displayed

Sporting Entitlement

  • Play in a team
  • Watch a live sporting event
  • Learn to swim
  • Ride a bike
  • Travel on water

Outdoor Entitlement

  • Walk in the woods
  • Visit the seaside
  • Grow a plant
  • Look after an animal
  • Use London Transport safely

Community Entitlement

  • Visit a place of worship
  • Experience an enterprise project
  • Get involved in a community project
  • Experience a different culture