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 Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School Thamesmead

Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School Thamesmead

Be the best we can. Join in learning, play and prayer. Remember God's word.

Autumn 2

Peace Class have certainly been busy since the summer!

Firstly, many of the pupils in Peace Class spent their first ever few days away from home at PGL trip! This was a great experience to build character and courage, and give the parents some peace at home! 

In class we have been exploring fractions in Maths. The pupils have learned about equivalent fractions and in order to make our lives easier when dealing with fractions, we should always try to find equivalent fractions and keep the denominators the same.

In English we have been looking at persuasive writing, and writing balanced arguments. We have recently written a balanced argument based on our current text, Floodland. 

n Geography we have been looking at where our power comes from, and we have begun to learn about non-renewable and renewable power sources. We are thinking about how we ought to come away from non-renewable energy to help sustain the planet, and heed the warnings which Marcus Sedgwick foretells in Floodland. 

In Science, we have been studying plants, and how they reproduce; the class have learned that lots of insects and animals help to carry seeds and produce new plants, as do the wind! We will also be looking at Jane Goodall, and her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania. 

Lastly, in Religious Education, the class have started their unit on Christmas! So far we have analysed Christmas adverts and Christmas cards and discussed whether they are secular or sacred. We have also had a go at painting our own Christian depictions of Jesus and questioned how do Christian artists portray Jesus?