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Y6 Justice class


Bishop John Robinson Church of England School

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

Justice Class


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you had a lovely, restful Easter break. This year has flown by so quickly. The countdown is on and there are only 4 school weeks till the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs).  Justice Class have worked very hard and we should be very proud of them. The next 4 weeks will be very intense, so I urge that we all encourage them to continue with the hard work and dedication.


Key Stage 2 SATs commence on Monday, May 14th, 2018 and end on Thursday, May 17th, 2018.  I, therefore, ask that all children are in school that week.


Below is the timetable for that week.


Key stage 2 SATS Dates for 2018


Test / Duration

Monday 14th  May

  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1

        45 minutes

  •  English grammar, punctuation and  

        Spelling Paper 2

 25 minutes


Tuesday 15th  May

  • English reading test

1 Hour

Wednesday 16th  May

  • Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmetic

30 minutes

  • Mathematics Paper 2: Reasoning

40 minutes

Thursday 17th  May

  • Mathematics Paper 3: Reasoning

              40 minutes


You will find attached an outline of all the areas and activities which we will be learning about this half term in our class. It would be really helpful if you could spend some time talking to your children about the topics and the learning which is going to take place.


At Bishop John Robinson we believe homework is vital to help reinforce learning which is happening at school. For homework to be successful it has to be done in partnership with parents and requires a commitment from everyone to ensure tasks are understood, carried out and completed. Children will be given extra homework on Fridays in which they are to hand in the following Thursday. They will also have an assignment planner to help them plan their time and for parents to sign once homework has been completed.

Please remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us.

Summer Term 2018 Topic: Nature Detectives



Theme: Shakespeare


Narrative writing


Diary entry – writing in role


Report writing


Persuasive writing


Information texts


  • Use of literary language, characterisation and structure)
  • Distinguish between the language of speech and writing
  • Managing shifts in formality
  • Use of semicolons, colons, dashes and hyphens to enhance meaning and avoid ambiguity





Geometry: position and direction


Describe positions on the full coordinates grid (all four quadrants)


Draw and translate simple shapes on the coordinates plane and reflect them in the axes




Interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs and use these to solve problems


Calculate and interpret the mean as an average















Theme: Evolution and Inheritance



To recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago


To recognise that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents


To identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution



Investigate variation across specific animals and plants


Identify subtle adaptations to environments in the animal and plant world


Identify advantages and disadvantages of certain characteristics



Religious Education


Theme: The Journey of life and death

Suggest some reasons why life is often described

as a journey and express their own metaphors

for life, giving their reasons


Use religious vocabulary to describe what happens

in a ritual of belonging and say why it is

important for young people from that religion


Use religious vocabulary to describe and explain why baptism and confirmation are important to some Christians


Describe the impact of ceremonies that mark important stages in people’s lives


Describe and explain what happens in a marriage ceremony and how it reflects what is important about relationships for religious believers, making links to their own lives

make links to their own lives and the important stages and ceremonies that may mark these


To express their own responses to questions of meaning and purpose, arising from exploring religious responses to the journey of life, using a variety of media


Physical Education: Swimming, athletics and cricket

  • To develop pupils understanding of how the body changes during exercise
  • To develop pupils performance in the long jump
  • To develop pupils performance in the Sprint
  • Develop pupil’s ability to throw and catch with accuracy
  • Develop pupil’s knowledge of striking/fielding activities





Modern Foreign Language: French (Friends and Family)

  • To identify members of my family in French
  • To answer questions in relation to friends and family in French


Art and Design

Theme: Ancient Egyptian art (Linked to Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra)


Objectives: To discover the mysteries of Egyptian art, gods, crowns and hieroglyphics




Create ancient an Egyptian portrait using paper batik


Discover the different crowns of the pharaohs and when they were worn


Design a cartouche of your own name using ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics



Theme: Coding


Objective: To use logic to find and put right mistakes in algorithms.


Outcome: To design and write programs to achieve specific goals as well as understand computer networks.


PATHS: Organisation

  • How children can use their time effectively
  • Tidy surroundings


Music: End of Year Production

Macbeth The Musical



Homework: SATs revision


  • Arithmetic
  • Reasoning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Trips and events:

Residential trip (Swanage) 21/05/2018 to 25/05/2018


Junior Citizens Workshop (St Paul’s Academy) TBC





Yours sincerely

Miss S Biney and Mrs Seccombe

Justice Class Team


Sats and swanage presentation april 2018 from BJRSchool