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 Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Be the best we can. Join in learning, play and prayer. Remember God's word.

Y3 Reverence class

Dear Parents and Carers,


Hello and welcome to Reverence class and Year 3. We have lots of lovely plans for the Autumn Term. Taking our theme of Time Travellers we take the children all the way back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. There will also be a fantastic opportunity to stay in a “museum” for the night! But first they will need to turn the school in to museum! This will mean lots of hard work to make and write about their ‘exhibit’ before it goes on display. During Black History Month we will be looking closely at the life and times of Rosa Parks. Why does everyone know her? What did she do that was so special? These are all questions we will be answering as a class. I am really looking forward to this next year and can not wait to get to know each and every child in the class.


Autumn Term Theme – Time Travellers


We start the term looking at Greek myths and stories. We are considering the common themes of a myth and eventually the children will write their own myth. In the second half of the term we will consider non-chronological reports (information texts) and this will centre around our Geography topic of Europe and Greece



In Maths we start the autumn term looking at the value of each number in two- and three-digit numbers. This will provide the foundation on which your child will be able to confidently add, subtract, divide and multiply later on in the term. There will also be a weekly focused lesson on problem solving as this is an important skill in KS2.


This term we are looking at forces and magnets. The children will be taking a scientific approach to investigate the two main forces of pushing and pulling. They will also be considering magnetic forces and how they are formed. In the second half of the term we will be looking closely at rocks, how they are formed and what they are made of.

Religious Education

In RE we will be taking a closer look at the Bible. The children will be considering how the Bible is made up of different books and a collection of Psalms. After a brief look at when and how it was written, they will also be looking more closely at some of the individual people mentioned and what their lives show us as Christians. The children will also be considering what significance the Bible has for Christian around the world today.  

Physical Education:

This term the children will be developing their gymnastic skills. They will be considering how to develop different balances and how to develop their ability to hold them. As a class we will also be exploring how to travel across various pieces of gym equipment.

Modern Foreign Language:

This term the children will be beginning to learn the vocabulary needed to greet and introduce themselves in French. We will be developing their ability to introduce themselves and their family members.

Art and Design

To link in to our wider topic of Ancient Greece, the children will be researching and investigating Ancient Greek Pottery and the designs on them. Eventually they will re-create their own Greek pot using the information they have found out. In the second half of the term we will be taking a closer look at the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum with a focus on thinking about what they depict and why. Eventually the children will be recreating some of the scenes in a variety of mediums.


During this term the children will be developing their ability to word process. They will be learning how to create and save a word document as well as learning how to use all the main features of word processing to complete their writing


This term we will be considering what makes a good friend. We will also be looking at how we can resolve conflict between our friends in a friendly and healthy way.


In an exciting and innovative move for the school, Our class will be having a weekly music lesson learning to play recorders with a specialist teacher. By teaching the children to play a musical instrument it will be possible to discretely teach them musical notation and an appreciation of composition and structure. 



Home work this term will focus on developing the skills that will be needed in KS2. There will be a focus on time tables and spellings as well as reading and maths.

Trips and events:
There will be some fabulous opportunities for us to meet and discuss how well your child is fitting in to the routine. We have a meet the teacher event happening on the 13th September where I can discuss in a little more detail everything that I have mentioned above. On the 7 and 8th of November there will be a better opportunity to discuss the upcoming goals for your child in depth with me. On the 17th of November there will be an opportunity for the children to channel their inner hero when we visit the cinema at Bexleyheath to watch The Lego Movie. Excitingly, we have “A night in A Museum” to look forward to on the 24th November 2017. This will be a fantastic chance for every child to stay away overnight for the first time in a familiar setting (School).