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 Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

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Physical Education and Sports Premium


The Sports Premium is a fund which must be spent by schools on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy active lifestyles.

Children have two PE lessons per week - one is led by our PE leader and one by the class teacher. Swimming is taught to Year 4, 5 and 6 with each class spending a term swimming.

Sports Premium 2016-17

The first instalment of Sports Premium this financial year was £3694 and we anticipate somewhere in the region of a further £5000 in the next instalment. To encourage children's participation in sport and physical activity during lunchtimes, playtimes and after school, we are planning to spend much of the fund on playground improvements including;


Expenditure: How the money has been/will be spent

Impact on pupil's PE participation and attainment:

How the improvements will be sustainable in the future:

How this gives pupils the opportunity to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.


  • Topping up the successful bid for £10,000 from the BIG LOTTERY FUND for playground markings (including racing tracks) and permanent goal ends

  • Staff training on use of markings

  • Playtime and lunchtime staff make good use of markings to promote positive play

  • Children engage with adult led games and make up their own

  • Children motivated to use the running track for races

  • Markings used by breakfast and After school clubs

  • Use of running track for ‘The Daily Mile’

  • High quality markings should last at least 5 years

  • More staff training planned

  • All staff have ‘engaging children’s play’ as part of Performance management.

  • Future bids and planned spending to extend into EYFS playground,

  • By encouraging children to play actively at playtimes

  • Daily Mile promotes healthy lifestyles

  • Children are active at playtimes and lunch times

  • Take up of breakfast and afterschool club places is increasing



The purchase of all-weather table tennis tables and equipment.

  • Table tennis has been introduced to the children for the 1st time for many

  • Children learning to play fairly and skillfully

  • Children learning to use equipment safely

  • High quality all-weather equipment should last for at least 5 years

  • Equipment stored away safely to ensure longevity

  • Purchase of additional paddles and balls planned

  • Children are showing an interest in table tennis and are asking to bring in own equipment from home

  • Very popular lunch and playtime activity

  • Competitions planned for the summer



Training for Sports Leader

  • Performance of Sports Leader judged highly by external agencies

  • Quality of PE lessons is at least GOOD

  • Participation in interschool sports events; Matthew Clarke, Sportathon, Cluster sporting competitions

  • Sports leader staying in post and developing role year on year

  • Engagement with external agencies eg Local Authority, Cluster and Local sporting clubs to ensure sustained improvements

  • Participation in PE lessons is at least GOOD

  • Sporting events are highly popular with children


The repair and maintenance of additional playground climbing equipment

  • Large numbers of children enjoying climbing activities at lunch times and playtimes

  • Pupils gaining in confidence as they learn

  • High quality work on equipment should keep it in good condition for some time to come

  • Improved programme of painting, varnishing and maintaining the equiment

  • Children interested in other opportunities for climbing in the local area and beyond (eg residential trips)


PE Funding 2015-2016

The School Received £8,854 for this financial year and used the money for the following;


Initially school spent a proportion of the fund on resources for PE, ensuring that KS1 and 2 had access to all of the equipment they would need to teach a broad and balanced curriculum within their PE lessons. We purchased 12 bags of equipment to enable the teaching of tennis, football, basketball, netball, hockey and cricket, as well as vital ball skills and multipurpose agility equipment.

Impact: PE lessons are now fully resourced and children have high quality equipment to use within them. Children are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Sustainability: Regular and robust auditing of sports equipment will ensure that a broad and balanced curriculum is maintained so that new sports and activities can be introduced and more pupils are encouraged to take up sport.

We then purchased equipment to be used by our staff during pupils’ less structured time, encouraging children to become more active during their own free time.

Impact: Equipment in the playground has encouraged children to be more active during unstructured time. In a recent 'play survey' over 85% of children reported that they enjoyed "Running and chasing games" and " Games led by adults" as a result of funding.

Sustainability: Regular play surveys like the one mentioned above as well as monitoring of activity and staff training will ensure that  new sports and activities can be introduced and more pupils are encouraged to take up sport.

Finally, we purchased equipment to support pupils within the Foundation Stage to help them with developing aspect of Moving and Handling from the specific area of Physical Development.

Impact: The percentage of children in Reception and Nursery who have achieved in Physical Development has increased since the introduction of new resources.

Sustainability:  Improved links with the local Children's Centre as well as additional staff training for EYFS professionals will ensure that Physical Development is taught more effectively.


With our school commited to developing the strengths of our pupils and ensuring they are all proficient swimmers, we have continued to provide swimming lessons on a weekly basis for children from Year 4 to Year 6.

Impact: A high percentage of our children achieve beyond the minimum requirement for swimming before they reach Y6.


This year we have provided existing staff with training and resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively. In particular, we have developed the role of our new PE co-ordinator. She has had support from the local authority to work with her on developing the role of a co-ordinator, ensuring that health and safety is adhered to, policies are written, a development plan is in place. PE is being taught to a high standard and the curriculum coverage offers good opportunities for all pupils, including high achieving pupils.

Our PE Co-ordinator has had the opportunity to attend PE co-ordinators meetings to enable her to liaise and network within the clusters regarding best practice in schools. She has been given the opportunity to observe best practice in a local school, along with some PE specialist teachers (although the date for this has been rescheduled). Finally, she is undertaking a Level 5/6 PE course, in order to become a qualified PE coach. This has involved session during the week and weekends as well as writing many assignments.

Impact: A high percentage of PE lessons taught are GOOD or better. 

Sustainability: We will continue to develop the role of the PE coordinator to further improve the effective teaching of PE and sport across the school.

Breakfast and After School Clubs

Part of the funding has also been used to involve some of our least active children in after school sport and activity.

Impact: A need to change providers for these clubs has meant that the impact of this initative has not been as much as we had hoped. However, with a new provider, we are positive that more of our least active children will participate more next year.

Sustainability: School will continue to montionitor children from disadvantaged backgrounds and offer assistance to those families who need it most.  

Sports Competitions

Children have had opportunities to be involved in the following sports competitions:


Sports day

Mattew Clarke Football competition

Euro 2016 football competition

Swimming Gala