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 Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Bishop John Robinson C of E Primary School

Be the best we can. Join in learning, play and prayer. Remember God's word.

Previous Weeks

Celebrating success for the week ending the 14th September 2018

Highest Attendance: Hope Class

Highest Punctuality: Years 2, 3, 5 and 6

Values Certificates:  
Thankfulness Class Rosemary
Hope Class David
Reverence Class Sharion
Perseverance Class Tola and Amara
Peace Class Chanelle
Justice Class Kike


Class Dojo Stars  
Thankfulness Class Ziva
Hope Class Iyanouluwa
Reverence Class Aimua
Perseverance Class Tola 
Peace Class Lois
Justice Class Doreen

This week Perseverance Class achieved the Class of the week award with 614 point.

The highest scoring individuals this week were:

GOLD AWARD - Tola (Year 4)

SILVER AWARD - Amara (Year 4)

BRONZE AWARD - Toni (Year 4)

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